These live recordings were made in Het Oude Pothuys in Utrecht, a very fine music club where I played a lot of concerts with fellow musicians since the early 90’s.

It began in about 2004 when we started to experiment with so called  impro’s, totally improvised concerts from beginning to end, for the players no directions or restrictions whatsoever, just to see what would happen.

Most concerts were multitrack recorded, largely by and thanks to the owner of the club Peter van de Zuidwind, so I could mix them later in my studio. Loads of these recordings are in my possession. It’s always fun to mix and listen to them, like an ‘audiographic photo’.

I’m very grateful to all the players for their craftmanship, good spirit and energy! Even though I’m aware it sometimes takes some effort from the listener to dive into this kind of material, I hope you experience the same. Take your time and have fun listening!